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Typically English – The Bermondsey Joyriders
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Typically English – The Bermondsey Joyriders

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Scotland The Great!

Scotland… Wow! Great scene, great times and fantastic people. The Bermondsey Joyriders would like to express their warmest gratitude to everyone we met in Scotland. No matter who we came in contact with we were shown heartfelt on the level friendship. The Scots? Inspired and Glorious people and we love ya! So Thanks to all of you and in particular BRIAN GUTHRIE who put the gigs together and worked so hard getting us radio plays on BBC Radio Scotland and press coverage in several papers that included The DAILY RECORD. Thanks also to Allie for looking after us once the gigs got under way and also to Hugh Scott of The Tartan Army who came to check out what the hell Englishman were doing in Scotland decked out in Tartan trousers, waistcoats, bowler hats and big sideburns!
Thanks also to the promoters of the gigs and of course to all of you who turned up in weather that ranged from gale force winds to monsoons. Rock On Scotland… RESPECT !
The Bermondsey Joyriders… Enough Said.

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