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Gary Lammin

It is generally accepted that the three big UK punk bands were The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned; an interesting fact then that not only was Gary Lammin asked on several occasions by The Sex Pistols manager Malcolm Mclaren to attend an audition for The Pistols but also that Lammin went onto record an album with Joe Strummer of The Clash who produced Lammin’s infamous Little Roosters, and had at one point Rat Scabies as the sticks man for The Bermondsey Joyriders…

The Bermondsey Joyriders seem therefore to be treading a path of some considerable street Rock n Roll kudos and now with ex Johnny Thunders drummer Chris Musto on board that kudos in enhanced further still. Lammin explains… “Rock n Roll to me has to be vibrant and it has to be inspiring and therefore it should be the most important thing to anyone who has ever slung a guitar across their shoulders or has sat behind a drum kit… When I’m on stage, if you were to pass a note to me that said my house was burning down I’d just have to say later man… I’m into a great groove right now..

It therefore has to be about passion and it has to be spontaneous… I come off stage after a great gig and I get home at 4 a.m and I just start working right away on a new song because a riff or a chorus has come to me and begun to jangle around in my brain on the journey home. That’s what I mean about being passionate… or put another way, as Alice Cooper once said… Love It To Death !

Malcolm Mclaren saw this passion in Lammin, and so did Joe Strummer when he captured some of it, as he produced The Little Roosters but it was an article recently in the magazine Pure Rawk that so aptly put the finger on Lammin’s unique style when they described his slide guitar playing as “Almost being able to burn a sonic hole in the ozone layer” It is these kind of accolades that don’t go unnoticed and are the reason why Lammin keeps impeccable punk rock company.

Put in a nutshell? when Gary Lammin picks up a guitar and cranks up an amplifier he quite simply not only has something to say but he also means it.

Lammin also has an un-released solo album produced by non other then the legendary original Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman which is planned for release after the release of The Bermondsey Joyriders new album NOISE and REVOLUTION.

And what about Noise and Revolution? Well Ex MC5 manager John Sinclair speaks narration in between each track thus linking each track into a continuous story line that therefore makes Noise and Revolution the worlds first punk rock concept album ! Gary Lammin ? ENOUGH SAID!

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