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Typically English – The Bermondsey Joyriders
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Typically English – The Bermondsey Joyriders

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Live Review: Vive Le Valentine, Relentless Garage, London

With the disintegration of our surroundings sound tracked through the likes of ‘Society Is Rapidly Changing’, ‘Right Now’ and ‘1977’ The Bermondsey Joyriders are a sonic whirlwind delivering these tracks in the live setting, even if their rough around the edges delivery might not be to everyone’s taste, my body is throwing all manner of shapes by the time we jump headlong into ‘Rock Star’ complete with it’s fantastic “champagne, cocaine, rock ‘n’ roll – it’s all the same” mantra just waiting to sell a million T-shirts worldwide.

Rounding off their electrifying set just as they do with both their albums, the venomous turbocharged R ‘n ‘B thrill ride of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Demon’ slowly uncurls its sting ready to leave the audience dead in their tracks when out of the wings comes a harp blowing Murray and the band seems to morph into an altogether new world, moving from Rose Tattoo territory to early 60’s Rolling Stones or classic Dr Feelgood, and this ladies and gentlemen leaves those not already dancing desperately searching for a reason to still keep their feet still. Talk about bringing the house down. I want to see more of this stuff and soon.

Read the full review here: The Urban Voodoo Machine/Bermondsey Joyriders – London, Relentless Garage – 10th February 2012

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