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Typically English – The Bermondsey Joyriders

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Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ review: The Bermondsey Joyriders Live at the Garage


Here’s a great review of the show we did for Vive le Rock at The Garage, Sat 11th Feb 2012. Also on the bill were The Urban Voodoo Machine and King Salami & The Cumberland 3. What a great night.


“Lucifire then introduced the first band of the night The Bermondsey Joyriders who are a Punk Rock super group of sorts featuring Gary Lammin on vocals and Guitar, Martin Stacey on Bo Diddley rectangular Bass and Chris Musto on drums, yes Chris Musto on drums always good to see and hear Chris play.

They opened with an instrumental of pulversing power trio blues stomp that belied the fact they were wearing Rupert trousers and sharp shirts and looked very dapper and menacing at the same time, damn that Bass sounded so dirty it was brilliant.

They then went into All That Darkness and Gary was singing about chasing all the darkness away over a brawling blues rock monster riff and roll that was part Heartbreakers meets London Cowboys meets Dr Feelgood, which is sort of there template this set rumbled and rocked like hell on Part Of My Problem the lyrics are whip smart and full of references that any real punk and rock fan will either know or think they know.

Again & Again repeated like Eddie and The Hot Rods where screaming through Essex chasing the feelgoods on the way to the Kursaal for a dust up that begins on the next song when Gary screams Who R Ya at them and gets us all singing it too, it has a bit of a Sham 69 feel to the call and responses and certainly gets the place going and ready for the band to introduce there special guest Narrator, that tonight is Charles Shaar Murray who I have been reading on and off for most of my adult life and who reads the intro’s that big up the band and the spirit of Rock and roll they are channelling while Runnin Riot all over the place as any good punk band should.”

Read the full review here

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