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  • The Bermondsey Joyriders – Sleazegrinder review – July 02, 2012

    The Bermondsey Joyriders are back like a souped-up Ford tearing up the Old Kent Road, releasing what might just be the album of the year.
    Not just the blues-punk concept album of the year, but the album of the year. Continue reading

  • CD Review – The Bermondsey Joyriders: Noise & Revolution

    There are times when a CD lands on your desk that you just feel the need to bump up the review queue (yes these do exist), the press releases, artwork or content can make them almost essential listening and you can’t help it. No harm to those ahead in the pile, but sometimes needs must. One such release is this one from punk luminaries The Bermondsey Joyriders. Continue reading


    The Bermondsey Joyriders annonce the long awaited release of their album ‘NOISE and REVOLUTION’ by playing a special’No holds barred’ performance of the entire album LIVE at Madame jojos nightclub,Soho,London, on Thursday May 24th. + full supporting bill, promises to be possibly,The album launch of the year! + The Bermondsey Joyriders policy of ‘Doing it for the People’ Entrance price has been held to £5! ….two words…Be there! Continue reading

  • Live Review: Vive Le Valentine, Relentless Garage, London

    With the disintegration of our surroundings sound tracked through the likes of ‘Society Is Rapidly Changing’, ‘Right Now’ and ‘1977’ The Bermondsey Joyriders are a sonic whirlwind delivering these tracks in the live setting, even if their rough around the edges delivery might not be to everyone’s taste, my body is throwing all manner of shapes by the time we jump headlong into ‘Rock Star’ complete with it’s fantastic “champagne, cocaine, rock ‘n’ roll – it’s all the same” mantra just waiting to sell a million T-shirts worldwide. Continue reading

  • Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ review: The Bermondsey Joyriders Live at the Garage

    They opened with an instrumental of pulversing power trio blues stomp that belied the fact they were wearing Rupert trousers and sharp shirts and looked very dapper and menacing at the same time, damn that Bass sounded so dirty it was brilliant. Continue reading

  • Uber Rock review: The Bermondsey Joyriders – ‘Noise And Revolution’

    With their second album ‘Noise And Revolution’, The Bermondsey Joyriders have hooked into the angst many are feeling right now and produced their own unique vision of the world today via eleven brand new studio tracks all recorded under the direction of Cure and Depeche Mode producer David M Allen. Continue reading

  • “Society Is Rapidly Changing” – an interview with the Bermondsey Joyriders

    The Bermondsey Joyriders’ new punk concept album (a brave move if ever there was one!) “Noise And Revolution” which sees them team up with MC5 collaborator John Sinclair. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Garry Lammin just before The Bermondsey Joyriders’ gig at the 100 Club to find out a bit more… Continue reading

  • Vive Le Rock review just in!

    Vive le Rock magazine give their verdict on The Bermondsey Joyriders’ support set to Marky Ramone – which ended to cries from an encore from a crowd entirely fresh to the tunes -demanded readers “see ‘em at all costs“. Continue reading

  • Sonic Shocks: BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS gig at Soho’s Sunset Strip – tickets going fast!

    Tickets for Sunday’s Bermondsey Joyriders’ show at Sunset Strip are going at an amazing rate, so if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see the band play this very intimate Soho venue and avoid being left out in the cold, we advice you get yours now. Continue reading

  • Distorted Magazine: The Bermondsey Joyriders @ 100 Club

    The Bermondsey Joyriders are a band that puts angular, on-cue drumming and slide guitar effects at its centre. They break open with an instrumental warm-up to precede their best release, ‘All That Darkness’. This is brought into play with the brilliant precision drumming of The Damned’s ex-man, Rat Scabies… Continue reading