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Uber Rock review: The Bermondsey Joyriders – ‘Noise And Revolution’

With their second album ‘Noise And Revolution’, The Bermondsey Joyriders have hooked into the angst many are feeling right now and produced their own unique vision of the world today via eleven brand new studio tracks all recorded under the direction of Cure and Depeche Mode producer David M Allen. ’77 superheroes Gary Lammin and Marty “Gentleman Jim” Stacey are back boys and girls and this time they’ve brought not only Rat Scabies along for a South London joyride on the drums but also the legendary ex manager of MC5 and popular beat poet John Sinclair, who provides the between track dialogue that strings the whole project together like Hanna-Barbera doing The Small Faces life story.

You want a revolution these guys are gonna provide the soundtrack “you dig?”

‘At The Outset’ the album lures you in with Sinclair and his Sylvester the hepcat drawl before ‘Society Is Rapidly Changing’ unleashes a tirade of frustration in the shape of some of Gary Lammin’s finest songwriting to date. Played out over a slide driven streetpunk backdrop the story behind why Gary has been prone to playing the odd guerilla gig or two in places that used to once be music venues unfolds in lyrical juxtapositions that leave you wondering whether to laugh or cry.

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